Be Fit

So you want to be fit? Awesome! I’m going to highlight a ton of resources below that can help you reach that goal.

But first, what exactly does it mean to be fit?  “Skinny” should not be the first word to come to mind. When you think of being fit, I want the first words that come to your mind to be STRONG, HEALTHY and UNSTOPPABLE.  Skinny is just a bonus that comes along when you finally commit yourself to becoming fit. More importantly, when you choose to turn your lifestyle into a healthy one, you also gain incredble self confidence and self worth.  I strongly encourage these two things because once you find your self confidence and self worth, you can achieve anything you want to. Grow and thrive with anything you set your mind to, whether it be fitness, home-life, career goals, relationships or anything else in life. Focus on YOU first in order to become something amazing for the rest of the world to witness.

My Go-To Fitness and Motivation Websites







Muffintop-less blog –



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