Through this blog I hope to inspire, advise and encourage people to be ambitious! Be healthy and fit! Learn to LIVE and experience what life has to offer. Take RISKS and regret nothing. Encourage your body and mind to do amazing things. And although this blog mostly reflects fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, I still make it a habit to post about things that relate to career goals, fashion, education, technology and anything else that could be an all around great article! This blog is totally “Walmart-style”; Not quite Costco, but definitely a one-stop shop for blogging and amusement. 😉  Just keeping it real.

So, who is this person is behind “peggyjoan”? Here’s a little look into the life of Taylor-

And now the cliche opening: It all started on a dark and rainy night….. Just kidding. Although, it probably was dark and rainy, being that I live in the city of Seattle and it rains all of the time here, right? Nahhhhh. I’d say it’s a ratio of 70/30. There are SOME days of perfectly decent weather.

About 2 years ago, I was a completely different person. I had nothing but everything going for me, and I was only taking advantage of the things that would do absolutely no good for me or my future. I was an average college student trying to “live it up” and make the most out of the college experience (which is hilarious, because it was a community college in the small town of Centralia, WA… ha). There were plenty of nights I made poor, poor choices that still affect me to this day, and I can’t change that. Sneaking out getting drunk every night, skipping class, unhealthy weight gain, then anorexia, and then unhealthy weight gain, again. It was a rollercoaster of terrible decisions, and at the top of the highest peak before the deepest dive, I finally got my reality check, and it was time for change.

I decided I needed a fresh start in a new place…. Somewhere far from little ole’ Centralia where I could “find myself”, rekindle my ambition, and thrive. So, I packed up everything I could fit into my tiny car and within a week I was on my way to Seattle, on my own, with no more than $300 in my bank account. It was the best risk I’ve ever taken.

(If you’re curious about how I chose the name “PeggyJoan” as a title, go here.)


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