Fit Pick Product – Six Pack Bags!

Every week is a  reminder of how important it is to be prepared.

More specifically, it’s important to have food prepared for the upcoming week. Not only does preparing food ahead of time prevent us from reaching for junkie, unhealthy snacks, but it also:

  • Helps with time mananagement
  • Keeps us organized
  • Helps us keep healthy snacks ready and available
  • Allows us to not have an excuse to miss a meal

Sure, the price on this baby is a little bit higher than the average person prefers to spend on a bag, but this is MORE than just and bag (and who wants to be average, anyways? 😉 ) There’s two sizes of this bag and they both come with perfectly-sized spill-proof containers to keep your food fresh. Also, the main compartment has a “storage” area for vitamins, supplements, tea bags, hair ties, etc etc. AND it comes with two ice packs that fit perfectly on either side of the main compartment to keep your food chilled (it keeps the food chilled all day while I’m at work, which is typically 9+ hours).

Check out this awesome bag here:  Six Pack Bags


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – R Collier





Not too long ago I ordered this bag from Six Pack Bags, and I LOVE it.


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