Fit Pick – Brandan Fokken

I think most of us can agree that continuing to keep ourselves motivated is one of the biggest challenges when trying to live a healthy, fit lifestyle.

If there’s anyone out there who knows how to encourage and motivate someone, it’s Team Athlete, Brandan Fokken. His journey to becoming fit and healthy is motivating all on it’s own, but he also practices what he preaches every day.

Whether it’s via Facebook,, his “Fokken Strong Training” business or every day occasions, he consistently encourages and motivates his fans and followers to push themselves to the limit and discover what they’re bodies are truly capable of.

Here are a few of his inspiring interviews:

Cut and Interview Interview

Muscle and Interview

Genetic Interview Interview

Connect with Brandan on Facebook:

Brandan Fokken Facebook 

Eat clean, train mean, get lean.



One thought on “Fit Pick – Brandan Fokken

  1. Hey there- ive NEVER seen this…thank you so much for the love:) I appreciate it

    Brandan Fokken

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