Fit Pick – Savannah Rose Neveux, “Muffin Top-Less”


This girl…… THIS girl, let me tell you – This girl is truly inspirational.  She is a increasingly popular fitness moel and personality.

When I first decided to get into fitness/weight training, Savannah was my first and foremost motivational source. Her blog, Muffin Top-Less, is a seemingly never-ending stream of motivational facts, photos, tips, tricks and recipes all relating to nutrition, health and fitness. I realize that there are TONS of fitness blogs out there (including this one,  🙂 ) but hers is the best I’ve seen. Also, she was the ONLY person who actually replied to my novice emails and questions about weight training. In fact, if it wasn’t for that, I probably would’ve given up right at the get-go!

With a following of +/- 35,000 people and growing, it’s no question that I’m not the only one she’s had an amazing influence on. She practices what she preaches every day, and I know this girl is going to go far in the fitness industry.

Here are a few of her interviews – Interview Interview


Check her out and show some love here –

Facebook: Muffin Top-Less Facebook  


Twitter: @MuffinTop_Less








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