Abraham Lincoln….and Fitness….in the Same Post?

Have you guys’ heard of the new movie that just came out, “Lincoln“?  I came across an article recently that talked about it, specifically highlighting the lead actor portraying Abraham Lincoln in the movie, Daniel Day-Lewis. The article reflected on Lewis’ incredibly dedicated acting style and how he really throws himself into each and every one of his rolls. He not only portrays certain characters, he is that character for however long it takes to finish filming. In “The Crucible”, he actually etched tattoos onto his own body. In “Last of the Mohicans”, he chose to live in the wild for 6 months, living only on necessities (Cracked.com).

This guy is hardcore, no?

It really got me thinking.  What if we could truly trigger our passion and become that incredibly dedicated, but instead about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle? How much we could change our bodies and minds for the better for becoming so dedicated?

Now, I’m not saying anyone should go out and start tattooing themselves or fighting off wolves and poison oak in the wild (I mean…unless you’re into that kind of thing….). However, this should really put some things in perspective for most of us. I wonder if this “lightbulb” went off for those top fitness models, bodybuilders and athletes we all know, triggering their passion and getting them to their level of success today.

And why not try this approach to other aspects of life, such as your career? Imagine how much you could really achieve and accomplish with your career by triggering that passion and dedication. It requires a willingness; A willingness to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, because you know it’s worth it.

Think about it.  What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.



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