The Meaning of “PeggyJoan”

Peggy [left], Joan [Right]There are so many blogs out there with such creative titles that make my blog title seam so insignificant.

However, no matter what anyone says, I still think mine is badass. Here’s why:

If you’ve ever seen the show Mad Men, you probably know that the characters on the show have very strong personalities. If you haven’t seen Mad Men, where have you been and what rock have you been under?? (Kidding. But seriously, go get all seasons on DVD. Right now. You can read this blog later.) The show mainly takes place at an advertising agency during the 1960’s, and the material is amazing. And even during an era where women are considered ‘less’ than men, there are two main characters on the show that I absolutely adore and admire; Two women – Peggy and Joan. I aspire to be like Peggy and Joan.

Let me break it down for you –

Peggy: A strong, bold, creative career woman. She started out as a ‘wallflower’ of sorts, but as the seasons progress she BUSTS OUT and turns out to be a kick-ass chick with ideas and creativity for miles. Although she has bland style and ‘masculine’ habits at times, she knows how to write killer copy and win accounts. Plus, if you’ve ever written copy or tried to plan an awesome campaign around a ridiculous product, you can relate….

Joan: Joan, joan, joan. The name just rolls off the tongue and through the teeth, doesn’t it? This girl knows what she wants, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is classicly beautiful, smart, and the one who ‘knows everything’. She is the woman who is almost too good to be true, and a man would consider himself to be the luckiest man alive to ‘have’ her. She’s bold and knows how to get a room full of people to pay attention. She knows her strengths and focuses on them, as one should.

So, these two women’s personalities put together make for a great character to admire. I believe it is important, as a woman, to know who YOU are and what your strengths are, especially in the workplace. Don’t ever settle yourself short. Command the attention of a room like you own the place, but do it with a sense of graciousness. Work your way up the ladder and show what you’re made of! Aspire to be like Peggy and Joan.


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