Fit Pick – Ashley Horner

As my FIRST Fit Pick,  I could not think of a better choice than Ashley Horner, athlete and fitness inspiration.  This girl is amazing! Her physique is incredble and she has the drive and motivation of no one else I know.

Sometimes it’s hard to remain focused on the goal of getting in shape. LIFE HAPPENS. Work happens. Daily obstacles get in the way….like not being able to get our butts out of bed in the morning to work out….  One thing I LOVE about Ashley is that she truly pushes herself and her body to do amazing things. Whenever I’m having an off day or I just don’t feel like getting myself to the gym, I use Ashley as motivation.

Check out more of Ashley! –

Facebook –!/AshleyHornerFitness?fref=ts

Interviews – – – –

(Make sure to “Like” their Facebook pages for more fitness tips and daily supplement deals!).


Keep on keepin’ on – PJ.



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